Listen to the voices of the world differently, clearer, louder, and with better quality. Find a wide collection of speakers to choose from, and enjoy listening to your favorite music and records easily and anywhere. Choose between different brands at variant prices, choose between paying in cash, or multiple online payment methods, and enjoy different installment option.

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How to choose the best speaker for you?

- Make sure to know the size of the speaker before purchasing if it is an online order because speakers come in different sizes, including small portable sizes, and large sizes. Also, the designs of the speakers can be a small box or in the form of a capsule. In the end, your choice should be according to your use. For outside purposes, you will most likely need a small size to be easily carried, or a large size for outdoor usage.

- The battery of the Bluetooth speakers can work for a certain number of hours, then it needs to be recharged. You must know the battery capacity of the speaker.

If your budget is limited, you can consider the following speakers Puridea i6 Bluetooth Speaker or JBL GO 3

For Bluetooth speakers in the higher price category: Anker Sound Core Flare 2 or HUAWEI Sound Joy Spruce or JBL PartyBox and more