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Why has the Electric scooter become the best option for commuting, and it is increasingly popular?
  • Comfortable to use, and allow you to move around in crowded streets.
  • Small-Sized and economical in energy use.
  • Low price compared to other commuting vehicles.
  • Some types of scooters are lightweight and can be folded.

Important tips before buying a scooter:
  1. Choose an electric scooter with high kilometers per charge, to avoid disturbance while riding long distances.
  2. The maximum speed of each scooter differs from one type to another. So, get to know the speed of the scooter you want to buy, and check if it is suitable for your needs or not.
  3. It is necessary also to know the maximum weight of the rider that the scooter can take, in order to avoid any danger while riding.