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Should I buy a Laptop or Tablet?

One of the confusing points for those who want to purchase laptops or tablets is not identifying what is more suitable for their needs and uses. Because, both laptops and tablets have different unique features, and achieve certain activities in a fast and efficient way. Well, Orange online shop will help you make the right decision!

The answer will be LAPTOP if:

  • You do a lot of writing tasks, so the tablet won’t be helpful because writing on the touch screen for a long time is hard.
  • You need large storage to save files, photos, and programs.
  • Your daily activities involve complex tasks such as high-quality designing or using software that needs a powerful processor to run.

The answer will be TABLET if:

  • You are traveling a lot, or doing different tasks in many places, and you need a light and easy-to-carry device.
  • You need a battery that lasts long hours without worrying about having a power bank.
  • You do simple activities like browsing the web and playing videos and music.
  • Your budget is limited, and you need a low-cost device.

When you settle on the device, whether a laptop or a tablet, you will start the journey of choosing the brand and model according to your available budget. The price of laptops or tablets is influenced by the device's technical specification (processor-Ram-battery), brand, and other factors. There are several types of laptops and tablets that users tend to choose like, Lenovo, Huawei, HP, and Samsung.