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Need a tablet?

One of the confusing points for those considering buying a tablet is the compatibility of the tablet with their needs. That’s because every device, whether a tablet, laptop, or computer, has different and unique capabilities that allow it to perform certain activities quickly and efficiently. Orange online shop will help you make the right decision!

Tablets will be advisable if:

- You travel a lot or do different tasks in many places, and you need a light and easy-to-carry device such as a Samsung Tab A7.

- You need a battery that lasts for long hours without worrying about having a power bank.

- All you need is a simple device to conduct activities such as browsing the web and playing videos and music, such as the Huawei MatePad T8.

- Your budget is limited, and you need a low-cost device such as the Lenovo Tab M7.

But tablets won’t be the right choice if:

- You are traveling a lot, or doing different tasks in many places, and you need a light and easy-to-carry device.

- You have continuous writing tasks, so tablets won’t be helpful because writing on the touch screen for a long time without a keyboard is hard.

- You need ample storage to save files, photos, and programs.

- Your daily activities involve complex tasks such as high-quality design or using software that needs a powerful processor to run.