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What are the most important factors affecting the price of laptops?

When you settle on buying a laptop, you will start the journey of choosing the brand and model according to your available budget. The price of laptops in Egypt varies and is influenced by the device's technical specification, for example:

- Processors: AMD, and Intel, who dominate the CPU market, have a variety of right-to-use, low-performance, and high-performance processors.

-RAM: You can consider the following options to choose the best laptops in Egypt with maximum ram storage, such as HP Victus 12th Gaming laptop, Dell Vostro laptop, and Asus Zenbook 13.

-Battery: It depends on the manufacturer, battery type, volt, and cells.

In addition to the laptop's brand that affects the laptop's price. There are several types of laptops and tablets that users tend to choose in the Egyptian market, Lenovo, Huawei, HP, and Samsung available on Orange Online Shop.