Find all the computer supplies from printers, monitors, and accessories for the best productivity and luxury while using your device. Enjoy your computer or laptop capabilities to the max, and get the job done with the most important computer supplies and accessories at a high quality, competitive price with multiple payment methods available in cash or installment on Orange Online Shop.

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If you work from home frequently, or complete various tasks on your home computer/laptop, find out what computer supplies and accessories you might need:

- Monitor: This is one of the most important computer supplies because high-quality monitors allow users to obtain a very accurate and good image especially when undertaking some design projects and technical graphics. Also, gaming monitors are being used with computers and laptops for a better and clearer view. For example, Samsung produces high-resolution gaming monitors such as Samsung 27 led gaming monitor curved, and LG monitors are also available in more than one type and model with high quality and accuracy.

-Printer: Sometimes we need to print some papers and files, and finding a place that has a printer can take a long time. Printers come in many different shapes and types, 3D printers, laser printers, ink, wireless, and color or black-and-white printers. You can choose the suitable printer for your needs and budget to be able to print thousands of pages whilst saving time and cost. For example the HP printers, HP Printer LaserJet 107W-WiFi, and Canon printers, such as Canon Pixma G3411

-Wireless mouse: The wireless mouse makes it easy to control the computer or laptop with buttons in the mouse, and simply connects to Bluetooth.