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What are the common features of the smart TV?

Not all features are necessarily available on all Smart TVs. Though, most smart TVs have

- Internet connection, operating system, apps, and access through video-on-demand (VOD) services for platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, and music streaming services such as Spotify.

- Paid TV channel services.

- Quick search to find content easily.

- Content suggestions based on users’ frequent viewing and searching patterns.

- Easily discover devices connected to the HDMI port.

What is the difference between OLED and LED?

LED screens are LCD screens that are illuminated by LEDs in the background. But OLED screens differ in terms of lighting from LED because they depend on organic light-emitting diodes, and each LED emits light and color like plasma, but it is less thick than LED screens and gives high levels of color accuracy. OLED is less common than LED and higher in price.

When buying a smart TV, consider the following points to maximize entertainment:

- The connection of the Smart TV with other devices so that you can connect your mobile, and display the contents of your phone on a larger screen.

- Having voice recognition as it’s much easier than typing.

- Check the OS of your smart TV, because there are TVs with lower prices that do not work with common systems like Android, Tizen, and WebOS, alternatively have their own operating systems. However, sometimes they are not as good as well-known operating systems, due to the lack of available updates for them.