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Confused between PlayStation or Xbox? Come across their common features and differences to settle
  • The price of both the Playstation and the Xbox is very close to each other.
  • For performance, PlayStation and Xbox practically provide the same powerful performance. Still, the PS5 reaches its peak at 10 teraflops with 825 GB of internal storage, while the Xbox Series X reaches 12 teraflops, with a storage capacity of 1 TB.
  • Both PlayStation and Xbox are being used through remote controllers for easy gameplay.
  • The Xbox is more flexible than the PlayStation, as the Xbox allows users to play video games of other competitors or share games with users who don’t game on Xbox. However, the PlayStation prevents playing its owned games on any other console or gaming with users who don’t use PlayStation.
  • PlayStation owns a large number of exclusive games, and new games are constantly being released. Likewise, Xbox supports running all games of all versions.

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