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Smartwatches… Part of the daily routine

Most technology companies are currently creating smartwatches due to the increasing demand from users to buy smartwatches, and this is because of the features that exceed the concept of a traditional watch. The smartwatch is currently an important digital tool that participates in most of today’s tasks, such as connecting to the mobile, receiving notifications, contactless payments, tracking health, and measuring vital indicators. In addition to the available apps like Strava, using the GPS, and more features definitely vary depending on the type of smartwatch, the price, and other factors.

How to choose a suitable smartwatch?

Based on the features and uses of smartwatches, your selection should depend on your needs and budget. But there are key points to be considered, like:

- Operating system and compatibility

Just like choosing your mobile OS between Android and IOS, choosing a smartwatch also requires selecting the OS, either an Apple smartwatch with the “Watch OS”, , compatible with all Apple devices or smart watches with the “Wear OS” for Android.

- Health Indicators

All smartwatches have common features like calculating the number of steps. But the additional features such as heart rate measurement, and blood oxygen level differ from one watch to another. So, depending on that the unique features will be available in high-priced smartwatches, but the economical smartwatches can have fewer features. When you browse the smartwatches on Orange Online Shop, you will find Huawei, Samsung, and Xiaomi smartwatches, to choose what suits you the most.