Enjoy the one-of-a-kind smartphone from Vivo, it’s a mixture of technology and fashion.

With multiple features that are designed differently, Vivo's new smartphones based on a design-driven value offer great capabilities at affordable prices for all users. Order the latest versions of Vivo, with various models, and storage to suit your needs. Also, have multiple payment options, and free door-to-door delivery.

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What are the top advantages of Vivo smartphones?

  • The user interface and icon color can be chosen upon your preference, and through this feature, you can get the entire background of your mobile with the same style, from the notification panel to the volume controls.
  • Photography in Vivo smartphones has a specific system that guarantees to produce high-quality professional images, thanks to the fixation ring to protect against distortion, in addition to the focus ring.
  • The ability to edit video clips has a high level of accuracy, thus you can specify the settings for each clip separately.
  • The hidden album feature allows you to add private photos to ensure maximum privacy, so they can’t be opened by anyone.
  • The feature of cooling protects Vivo phones from overheating by reducing the number of active applications.