Ahsan Nas

Ahsan Nas Buckets:

You can recharge Ahsan Nas bundle through recharge cards.

You can choose between Unit Buckets and Super Megabytes

How to get it?

To recharge Ahsan Nas units to all networks dial #102*1*recharge code#

To recharge Ahsan Nas super megabytes dial #102*2*recharge code#

To activate Ahsan-Nas unit or super MB bucket from your credit balance, dial #175#, or choose Ahsan-Nas bucket from tariff details’ page on My Orange application

  • Ahsan Nas bundles
  • Ahsan Nas Buckets

    PricesRecharge Bucket optionsValidity
    UnitsSuper MBs
    Extra Ahsan Nas2.545 + 20 MB WhatsApp90 + 20 MB WhatsAppEnd of day
    4.25190 + 50 MB WhatsApp380 + 50 MB WhatsAppEnd of day
    5225450End of day
    7340 + 10 MB WhatsApp680 + 10 MB WhatsApp3 days
    9400 + 50 MB WhatsApp800 + 50 MB WhatsApp4 days
    Ahsan Nas104509007 days
    13.562512507 days
    15650130010 days
    18.5800160014 days
    251100220014 days
    281250250021 days
    Ahsan Nas Monthly35900180028 days
    421200240028 days
    501400280028 days

    Available for:

    Ahsan Nas bundles and recharge cards are available for all prepaid and hybrid tariffs

    Terms & Conditions:

    Minutes and SMSs’ to other networks are for 5 units

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