Get the best types of chargers and cables for your mobile phone and devices. Now that chargers and charging cables are some of the most used accessories throughout the day, choose from various high-quality cable brands, fast chargers, wireless chargers, wall chargers, and magnetic chargers at the best prices, and through multiple payment methods.

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Chargers Types

Because batteries are one of the most important basics of any device- especially mobile phones- the interest in manufacturing the accessories of the batteries is increasing from technology companies.

Particularly, when smartphone companies tended not to add chargers along with the new mobiles to reduce electronic waste. Most devices need a USB-A cable to be charged on one end, while the other is a Micro USB, USB-C , or Lightning port.

Chargers are divided into two parts:

  1. USB-A chargers
  2. USB-C chargers, such as the Energizer Ultimate WallCharger PD 65W In addition to wireless chargers, such as the Anker Power Wave Magnetic 2-In-1 Stand

How to choose a good charger or cable that are compatible with your device?

Many users of smartphones and smart devices share the same concern when buying chargers and cables because they need a high-quality accessory that doesn’t get damaged quickly and keeps the battery life during use. Whether it's an iPhone, Samsung, or any other Android phone. Therefore, some points should be considered when choosing chargers and cables:

- The power (Watt) of the charger, meaning the power that will supply your mobile battery at one time. The compatibility between the watts coming from the charger and the maximum number of watts that the battery can handle to maintain it must be considered.

- Do not use a charger with an Output voltage greater than the battery voltage.

- Do not use cheap, unbranded cables, chargers, and power banks because they can cause harm to your devices, as these accessories may not adhere to the needed safety standards, use a high-quality charging cable made of durable materials to withstand frequent use.

- Choose the length of the cable based on the purpose of use. If you are using the cable at home, a longer cable may be useful, while if you need to charge your device while on the go, a shorter charging cable would be more suitable.