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6 main differences between the gaming laptop and the non-gaming laptop:

  • The internal components of a gaming laptop are different from a regular laptop, as the graphics card for a gaming laptop is one of the newest and most powerful cards available such as Lenovo gaming laptops.
  • Gaming laptops are usually heavier than regular laptops and can be relatively heavy or very heavy.
  • Gaming laptops are branded with strong technical specifications that are unmatched by other laptop standards.
  • The battery life of a gaming laptop is usually longer, lasting up to around 7 and a half hours or more, some models from Lenovo gaming laptops enjoy the same feature.
  • Gaming laptops typically have a large storage space that allows for downloading all your favorite games and their files.
  • The keyboard of a gaming laptop is different from that of a regular laptop, the most commonly used keys during gameplay, such as A, S, D, and W, usually being a different color, in addition to the backlighting of the keyboard.