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Are you torn between choosing a PlayStation or an Xbox? Discover their common features and differences to make an informed decision

- In terms of pricing, PlayStation and Xbox are quite similar. When it comes to performance, both consoles provide powerful gaming performance, comparable to that of gaming laptops. However, the PS5 reaches a peak of 10 teraflops with 825 GB of internal storage, while the Xbox Series X reaches 12 teraflops with 1 TB of storage.

- Both PlayStation and Xbox utilize remote controllers for easy gameplay. The Xbox controller is particularly user-friendly, boasting a comfortable design and compatibility with all operating systems and many home consoles.

- The Xbox is more flexible than the PlayStation, as the Xbox Series X allows users to play video games from other competitors and share games with users who don’t have an Xbox. However, PlayStation restricts playing its owned games on other consoles and doesn’t allow cross-platform gaming with users who don’t use PlayStation.

- PlayStation has a vast library of exclusive games, and new games are constantly being released. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X supports backward compatibility and can run games from all previous versions of Xbox.